Windows tricks you might not know

  • Most up as spend hours a week sitting by a Windows OS, still there is so much we don’t know,
    I as starting a thread with useful tricks and hacks you might not know.

  • Clipboard manager in Win10!

    Win key & V will bring up clipboard history.

  • Dynamic Lock

    Dynamic Lock is a new feature in Windows 10 Creators Update (1703) which automatically locks your machine if you are away from the device. It works by utilizing a Bluetooth connection to your phone. If it detects you have left the machine it will lock it automatically. This is based on:

    • No user input for 30 seconds (no keyboard/mouse)

    • Will check if the bluetooth device is present (that was present during login)

    • If the bluetooth device is not present or the signal is weak which signifies the device is far away (with the user) the screen will be locked

    Setting up Dynamic Lock

    To begin, you must pair your phone with your PC. To do this, open “Devices and Printers,” then click “Add a device.” Once the phone has been paired with your PC,
    an item like the Phone appears in Devices and Printers.
    Once pairing is complete, you can turn on Dynamic Lock by visiting Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. Simply click the checkbox under the Dynamic Lock heading that reads “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device”.

  • Customize Start Menu

    Since Win 8 we have all been deprived from our good old start menu, while the are programs to replace and bring back the old start menu, there is another start menu most people don’t know about,
    Right click on the start menu and you’ll get a different menu with some new and straight forward options you could also get to it by clicking on Win+x.
    The best part is you could customize this menu and put whichever shortcuts you wish,
    For example you might want to create a shortcut for the good old fashion control panel.
    Just go to C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX
    you will have 3 folders, the start menu is divided in three like this (Pic is Win 😎
    simply replace the shortcuts in the folders with the shortcuts of your own choice.

  • Press ctrl+c to copy the text from an error message.
    No need to painstakingly copy it out into the Google search…
    This works for all standard OS supplied message boxes.
    will copy as:

    Error: 0xc000005. Access violation.
    OK   Cancel   

  • steps recorder

    One of the best things ever invented. it’s a combination keylogger, screen capture, and annotation tool.
    When someone calls you up that xxxx is not working, the hassle of trying to troubleshoot remotely can drive you crazy.
    What it does is once the user starts the Recorder it will record everything he does and capture screenshots and he can just send you the report, so you can see exactly what goes wrong.
    You could also access it by just typing psr in command shell.

  • One of my favorites, use “F2” to rename a folder.

  • Believe it or not, most people still don’t know about God Mode.

    God Mode, as it’s called, is a special folder that exposes most of Windows’ admin, management, settings, and Control Panel tools in a single, easy-to-scroll-through interface. (BTW, “God Mode” is just a name, you can name the folder anything you like)

    Go to your desktop right-click any open area, and select “New” >“Folder”.
    The new folder icon will appear.
    Now, rename the folder to the following:
    GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} (you can replace “GodMode” in the above text with whatever you want to name the folder).
    Once you’ve renamed the folder, you’ll notice the folder icon change to a control panel icon.
    Double-click the icon to open the newly-created God Mode.

    The most useful part of “God Mode” is you can click on any setting and create a shortcut to it.

  • Window key + .
    Will open the emoji selector


  • Window key + → will move your window do the side of the arrow you pressed and you will get all other windows on the other side

  • @DIAMOND a new one to me, always took me a few trials trying to snap it in the right or left with the mouse 😉

  • I have a tip for those who run VMs (or remote desktops).
    I like running my VMs fullscreen, I put them on a seperate desktop (Win 10 only) and then switch to and from the new machine with a 4 finger dragging gesture.

  • I use mouse gestures for virtual desktops!


  • Management

    Win + Tab

    Give it a try you will be amazed by the options,

    • swap active windows like Alt + Tab
    • search for your recent activities
    • and the best thing is creating new desktops (for those multitaskers)

  • Just saw last week Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is finally working in CMD, I guess it took Microsoft SO long to figure out how difficult it was without.

  • @TechWiz said in Windows tricks you might not know:

    Just saw last week Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is finally working in CMD, I guess it took Microsoft SO long to figure out how difficult it was without.

    I guess it took you SO long to upgrade to Windows 10 😉… It’s been in Windows 10 since the beginning (that’s like 5 years.)

    In their new Windows Terminal (which is still in Preview, supports all type of terminals including CMD and Powershell) they just added a (Control+F like) Find (by pressing Control+Shift+F.)


  • @TechWiz Yess!!! “God me” found me very helpful Thank you!

  • GSP

    some might not know it but windows 10 has a built in screen recorder with no external software required
    just press win + ALT + R

  • You can also open a link in a new tab by pressing Ctrl and then clicking on the link, can be usefull for a laptop where you don’t have the mouse wheel to use.

  • And Shift+Click to open in a new window.

    Also useful is Alt+Enter in the browser address bar to open the modified URL in a new tab (i.e. go to the address bar of this page, delete the URL following and then press Alt+Enter to open your edited URL in a new tab while leaving this tab as is.)

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