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    When working on small details in a picture, there is always the nerve of zooming in and out all the time to see how the image looks in whole after editing.
    A few of you might be using the Navigator window, that you could stretch to a nice size, but there are way better ways.

    1. Click on Window>Arrange>New Window for …, then click again on Window>Arrange>2-up Vertical, you will now have 2 windows where you can zoom in one and see the results on the other live.
    2. There is another option that most people don’t know, while zoomed in press the “H” key and click the left mouse key, Photoshop will give you a bird eyes view of the whole image, and you can then move the mouse to a different location so when you release the mouse it will zoom in over there.

  • Cool - Thank You #neverKnew

  • מענין לענין in the 2020 version you can Alt/Opt click on the layer thumbnail to navigate and zoom in to that specific layer

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