Running out of space in Gmail?

  • If you are running out of space in your Gmail account, and you’re not really in the mood of paying then the only other option is to delete some emails,
    I will just share a few tips how to get it right.

    1. Go to, see what is filling up your storage, it might just be a 1.5 GB video you uploaded to Google Drive a couple of years ago that you longer need.
    2. Remember you need to empty the bin in order for the space to get freed up, files that are ‘shared with me’ do not get counted towards your account space.
    3. How to find your large emails? the simple way is to use Gmail’s builtin advanced search features, for example you can search “larger:20M” and you will get all the emails that are larger then 20Mb.
    4. Another less known great option, is a free tool called findbigemail It will scan through all your emails and creates 3 labels in your gmail account, 1 for emails 5-10 Mb another one for 10 Mb+ and a 3rd for the 20 biggest emails you have (that’s a great feature), after it finishes to scan your account you will get a detailed report sent to your email, just remember that it doesn’t monitor your account live, so you will need to rescan after you make changes.

  • Wow - great stuff

  • From their website: FindBigMail, as you have known it, is down and will remain so for a while—Google have declined to ‘revalidate’ our application in the form that it has run safely and without a single security instance since 2010

  • I normally open a new Gmail account and set a forwarding rule on the original Gmail account (which is running out of space) to forward to the new Gmail account. That way the emails come through and they don’t take up space on the old one. To reply to the sender mostly I reply from the new address so he realises that I have a new address or I use the old SMTP server to send out the emails. Hope that helps.

  • @Hacker26 Creative thinking 👍.

  • Thanks for the Compliment! In Hacking you always need to think creative… Otherwise you might stand infront of closed doors 🙂

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