Best Alternative to SharePoint 365 for File Sharing

  • Hi All

    SharePoint is a really great product and it integrates really nicely with Windows machines via OneDrive.
    HOWEVER it comes with some very frustrating limitations, which cause a lot of issues, especially when migrating from a file sharing provider that doesn’t have those restrictions in place.
    An example here as follows:
    DropBox doesn’t have any limits on how long file paths or file names should be. For some Emterprises, their folder structure developes into a very large structure which isn’t redesignable so easy, as a large amount of emloyees are used to work this way. SharePoint (and so does OneDrive) have some limitatios in place e.g. a 400 character long folder path. There also a limit on the length of file names. In some non-english languages these limits are hit very easily…
    When trying to migrate from DropBox to SharePoint, the errors are sometimes endless due to that, and there is no other solution then redesigning…

    The Auto-Save feature in MS Office is great and unfortunately I don’t think any other File Sharing Provider is integrated in that way that it would auto-save to it’s cloud platform (Correct me if I’m wrong…)

    Is there a cloud file sharing provider (for Enterprise) that provides almost the same features like SharePoint e.g. Permission control who can edit and view what, and doesn’t have those annoying limitation in place?
    Basically a platform that it’s easy to migrate to large folder structures with having the least errors as possible…

    Many thanks 🙂

  • IDK…

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