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  • Hi Everyone

    One of my clients uses a facebook page for their business and primarily to advertise vacant job roles in the company. Recently they tried to post a job and all we’re receiving is a error that the query couldn’t be processed. On my own FB test page I can post a job just fine, which means that it’s specific to that business page.
    In Dev Tools you can see the API call and the response from the server which is as follows:
    {"data":{"job_opening_create":null},"errors":[{"message":"A server error field_exception occured. Check server logs for details.","severity":"CRITICAL","code":1675030,"api_error_code":-1,"summary":"Query error","description":"Error performing query.","description_raw":"Error performing query.","is_silent":false,"is_transient":false,"requires_reauth":false,"allow_user_retry":false,"debug_info":null,"query_path":null,"fbtrace_id":"CHNMj9wK+Zm","www_request_id":"Au46Fw7dzpPJ_BL3wd48rG6","path":["job_opening_create"]}],"extensions":{"is_final":true}}

    The error above is actually when trying to save the job ad as a draft. When trying to post the job the response is similar, like that:
    {"errors":[{"message":"A server error noncoercible_variable_value occured. Check server logs for details.","severity":"CRITICAL","code":1675012,"api_error_code":null,"summary":"Your request couldn't be processed","description":"There was a problem with this request. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.","description_raw":"There was a problem with this request. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.","is_silent":false,"is_transient":false,"requires_reauth":false,"allow_user_retry":false,"debug_info":null,"query_path":null,"fbtrace_id":"Em3u8LMgNRm","www_request_id":"Ag4pzbHDoISkLqrOpCZoAlH"}],"extensions":{"is_final":true}}

    Does anyone know what can be done in order to fix that?

    Many thanks in Advance!!

  • Tried different browsers, computers, incognito, etc.?

  • @volvo Yes, actually forgot to write. I tried through multiple browsers and even through the android Facebook app, but it still doesn’t work

  • Some additional info on the issue posted above:

    The Business Page was created by Person A. He added Person B with the highest rights on the FB business page.
    Person A left the Company so he was removed from the Facebook business page. Until recently only he posted jobs on the facebook business page (he originally created the page). The errors above only show up if Person B tries to post a job.

    Further to that:
    I added myself with the same elevated rights to the FaceBook Business Page. And guess what…
    Now the option to post a job on the job has dissappeared all together if I try to post a job from my account on the business page…

    Does anyone know what we can do about this issue??? It’s obviously a bug on FaceBook’s end… But Facebook has no option to contact someone… You can submit a report (which is probably filtered by some sort AI filter and only takes certain reports to a actual human to read…) but obviously no response or fix…

    Any Help please??

  • @hacker26 No idea.

    Thanks for mentioning me! Didn’t know it’s still active here 🙂

  • @TroubleMaker, Ha ha, same here, nice to get a reminder once in a while.

    @Hacker26 nothing I can think off, I don’t think anyone here will be able to guide you on Issues obviously much bigger then this forum.

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