Xiaomi Pocco X3 NFC WiFi Function broken

  • Hi Everyone

    I own a Xiaomi Pocco X3 NFC which currently runs MIUI 12.0.8 based on Android 11.
    I had netspark installed as my filter on the phone. Some might know that netspark developed a special plugin for Xiaomi devices (Xiaomi is very popular in Israel) which activates a mode called “enterprise mode” within MIUI. It basically is a MDM function built in to MIUI which allows organisations to control to a certain extend their devices. In this case netspark developed in co-work with Xiaomi this plugin which allows to enable the enterprise mode. Today I tried to open the wireguard app whilst the netspark VPN was active. Netspark blocked my screen immediately and advised that they disabled the WiFi because the VPN was disconnected. I should restart the phone… Which I did…
    BUT since then I cannot turn the WiFi back on! I uninstalled the filter, uninstalled wireguard and even reset my network settings… Nothing helped… When I’m trying to enable the wifi just a popup with the word “error” is shown. No particular hint what the issue could be… A factory reset probably will sort the issue, however that is really annoying, because you have to relogin and especially banking apps are a pain in the neck to get them to properly work again. Can anyone advise whether there is a way to sort of reset or reinstall the driver for the WiFi module? I’m using up all my data and it’s really frustrating this…

    Many thanks!!

  • @TechWiz & @Knaper-Yaden any ideas? Or just a reset…

  • If you know that Netspark did it, why but ask them?

  • @knaper-yaden I did… The only issue is that their support has gone below crap… They used to have knowledged people in the support, but these days they have absolute clueless people in the support… Almost all of them don’t even understand the functionality of the plugins etc… I just have no choice but using them… As soon as I have an alternative I will scrap them for sure

  • If you can give me your DeviceID I can try asking them 🙂
    Why isn’t Gentech a good alternative?

  • @techwiz I can’t give you the device ID as I have uninstalled the app, but I can give you a email which its the app is registered to… GenTech isn’t really for Europe because of the support hours…

  • @hacker26 That should do.
    Re Gentech I would favor support in difficult hours over non-support in working hours.

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