• Re: Use Gmail SMTP for my name@mydomain.co.uk

    If you look at the posts mentioned above, you can see how we used Gmail’s SMTP server for any email from a different domain.
    It worked great for me, however some clients report that all their outgoing emails are marked as spam on the recipients end. Those recipients use a large variety of email providers, such as Yahoo, Office365 and many other ones…
    So it’s likely that the issue is on senders end… Those domains and email addresses are brand-new so they have never been used for spaming or any illegal activity.

    Any ideas how to pin point the problem and potentially suggest a solution?

    Many Thanks in Advance!!

  • @hacker26
    Did you try a spam checker tool?
    What was the outcome?
    You can sometimes see if it’s flagged by all providers or not, and why it’s flagged as spam.

  • @hacker26 I’ve made a tiny tool to try cancel the marking of spam from email address.
    you can try it (didn’t added English description yet, sorry 🙏 )

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