Outlook 2019 Inboxes not showing new Emails

  • Hi Everyone

    I came across a issue recently with a Outlook 2019 installation which has the following issue:
    Five Accounts are logged in via Outlook.
    Each Account has it’s own inbox. When Outlook starts, it starts in the first Inbox which then shows all the new incoming emails for this inbox.
    However for the other four accounts, it won’t show that there are new email which came in, unless I go onto the inbox of the respective email account and then all the new emails start to come through.

    I chatted with the MS Support which is a waste of time.

    Does anyone have a solution?

    BTW it’s a Volume Licensed version, legally activated with a product key.

    Many thanks!!

  • Solved by creating a new WIndows user on the same machine and logging back in to all the email accounts on outlook…

    Not really solved… Rather a Workaround…

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