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  • where can I request for a new category to be opened?

  • Management

    If there is any specific topic you feel there might be a need, you can post it here, and if more people will request we will open it, otherwise you can contact the management and we will look into it.

  • I am a 3D modeler and simulation expert, I would like to request a category for this field
    Thank you

  • Hello,
    I have a couple of suggestions:

    Can we open a topic for business owners, which will be useful for anyone who freelances or has their own business - in any industry? It could discuss marketing, useful tool and tech, how to hire the right person, how to scale your business, what to keep in mind when designing your website etc - there are a whole range of topics within this.

    Also, how about a topic about career - also for any industry - where people can discuss resumes, interviews, asking for raises etc?

    And a topic for digital marketing would be great, too.


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