Freelancers worth it?

  • Hi and thanks for this special forum,
    I am in the need for someone to build me a small website,
    I was wandering if anyone has experince using freelancers from all those sites, is it worth? if I hire someone how do I know he will do whatever I like, what happens if I am not happy with him?

  • Depends whom u hire - usually, he or she should have reference whom to ask.
    I do websites - so if u need help - I can try…

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    After much trial and error I could say I have a lot of experience working with freelancers,
    It’s defiantly not the same as hiring someone you know or you can ask around about,
    I personally like UpWork,. If the freelancer has a very good reputation and you scroll through his past jobs and feedback’s and it looks alright it usually is fine (I’ve had crazy stories to).
    It also depends much on the task, if it is something small then you usually don’t have what to loose out, but for big jobs I usually pick my 3-4 best picks and give them a small task to do and then i see with whom to go.

  • @Chaim-Hirsch Thanks

    I also do web design and development and I most ppl have a bad experience that’s why I say make sure whom u trust - just off upWork anyone with good rating is not the best idea to my knowledge - but Hatzlacha in what ur doing.

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    @Shlepshitz I would definitely agree, as I said it takes time to get the hang of it,
    And yes an Indian designer, wouldn’t understand what I consider Nice (Chasidishe) graphics

  • Freelancers can do a great job but you have to be able to understand and review their work.
    For example:

    • Only hire a freelance web designer if you know web design yourself
    • Only hire a freelance software developer if you understand and could review the code they write to ensure they do a good job

    Else you will end up with a huge mess

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