Software for displaying content in a Restaurant

  • Hi Everyone

    I installed for someone three TV screens in a restaurant and they should display the menu etc… Basically a slide show of a bunch of stuff and the owner should be able to update the slides every so often… He should be able to upload the images etc to a location where it then will be picked up by the relevant screens.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Screens he’s using are Smart TV’s which have a Android TV OS. Currently he’s just displaying a few pictures on the screens which are a output from a windows 10 machine (with three mini HDMI connections to the TV screens).
    Does anyone know of a suitable cheap software for this type of stuff? Something easy to use…
    I saw that Google signs builder is something which is used sometimes… Don’t know a lot about it, so any ifo is much appreciated!!

  • @Hacker26 said in Software for displaying content in a Restaurant:

    Google signs builder

    I have not used it myself, but I once commanded for someone, and he says it’s awesome.

    He’s using it with a Windows compute stick at the TV screen, but they have for Android TV as well

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