Connect to Windows Admin Center via LAN

  • Hi

    Just started testing the Windows Admin Center for a potential server environment. I installed the WAC for now on a Windows 10 VM in hyperV. The port configured for the portal is the default one which is 6516. On the VM the access via browser “localhost:6516” works perfect. However when I try to access the WAC on another machine in the LAN via local IP and then the port it complains about the connection has been reset… I allowed the traffic for in and out bound for port 6516 in the windows firewall.

    Does anyone know why it’s preventing me from access the WAC of a Win10 client on the same LAN?

    I tried the same with a Win Server 2019 and if I use the DNS that it provides by default I could access it from another client on the LAN… When I tried to access it through the IP I also got an error that it wouldn’t connect… But I can’t remember which pport it used there…

    Your Answers are appreaciated!

    I added https to the IP and now I get the following:
    I chose the certificate and click Ok, and then the following message appears:
    Does anyone know how I can grant access to any client to connect?

  • I got the following answer on reddit regarding accessing the Windows Admin Center App from another client through the LAN:

    They’re basically saying that you can’t access the WAC App through the LAN (blocked by MS intentionally)… Can anyone confirm if that’s actually true?

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