• Management

    You’ve just joined Shutfim, and you’re confused what this is all about,
    So we’ve put together a small rundown on how to find your way around.

    • Rules and guidelines
      Before you join, please make sure you have carefully read through the rules which you can find here.
    • Categories
      Shutfim is divided into categories if you want to discuss something that has no place; you may use the general category.
      We hope with the time to cover all major topics such as,
      Graphic designing, Illustrating.
      3D, Simulations, Animation.
      Advertising, Copywriting, Print.
      Programming, Developing, Digital, UX/UI Designing.
      Technology, Software, Hardware, Networking, IT.
      Architecture, Interior designing, Engineering.
      Construction, Renovations.
      Film Production/Editing/Directing.
      Stage and Event Production.
      Professional Writing, Grammar, Typesetting.
      Music, Sound, Studio production.
      Business, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Coaching.
      Legal Advice, Law, Benefits, Social Security.
      Education, Teaching.
      Sales, Insurance.
      Real Estate, Brokerage.
      Vehicle, Transportation, Travel.
      Health, Medical.
      As the forum expands and the demand for different categories grows, we will keep on opening new categories and subcategories and moving all related threads there.
    • Groups
      Groups are for professionals with the same expertise to share and gain without it being public. Here you can ask feedback on an ad before publishing or ask advice on how much to charge for your service. Joining a group will give you access to the ‘Professional’ and ‘Professional +’ subcategories of the group’s category. The ‘professional’ category is open for the public to read, wherever the ‘Professional +’ is only open for the group members. We will open new category groups whenever there will be a demand.
      In order to join a group, you need to send a join request from the group’s page, then email your portfolio and describe what your expertise is to groups@shutfim.com.
      Only users who are experienced in that field will be accepted to join that group.
    • Posts
      You can write and share just about anything you wish. Like topics ranging from problems with your PC, feedback on a specific device, help choosing an oven, renting a car, looking for an App to solve a problem, share a successful photography session or marketing campaign, solving an issue in InDesign, looking for a Website Designer or just sharing your work for comments, feedback and evaluations.
      We will IY"H host experts and professionals, guides, secrets of the trade, tips and tricks, create contests and much more so stay tuned,
      If you would like to write a guide or tutorial, contact the management.
    • Portfolios
      The category Portfolios is for users to upload and share their personal work so that you can maximise your business potential.
      Each user can open a thread with their username as the title and upload their work.
      Please note no one else may post in a users Portfolio except for the user himself. If you have anything to say, ask or just some positive feedback, open a new thread in the feedback subcategory with the user’s username as the thread name.
    • Text Editor
      The Text editor is based on Markdown Language, Here you can find an overview of all the Markdown syntax elements.

    If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas or to report any bugs you can post in ‘about the forum’ category or contact the management.

  • Management

    Whenever the Guidelines appears as unread, it means the rules were updated, so make sure to read them through carefully.

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