Customers disputing charges

  • I noticed a growing trend of frum customers disputing charges against frum vendors. Although as we know this is against halacha, I would like to hear how other business owners deal with it.

  • I am not justifying anyone disputing charges because they didn’t get the service what they feel they should of gotten, but the first thing to do in order to save yourself alot of these headaches is just making sure that your actual business name appears on the customers statement and not some odd capital letters that know one knows what they stand for. It is extremely inconvenient as a consumer to go though a CC statement trying to figure out what *HJD594 makes and then often leads to people not thinking twice and filing a dispute.

  • @Yaakov What kind of disputes?

  • Yes I agree it’s a growing problem (@Volvo people will dispute as fraud and people will dispute that they never received their order albeit me not doing orders at all).
    What I find helps is one thing trying to understand what brings customers to dispute a charge instead of tying to resolve the issue though you ‘the merchant’, Are you giving him reasonable Customer Service? does he feel he has no one to talk to? is he afraid to call you up to discuss an issue?
    Yes, there will always be those people who unfortunately don’t think twice what an impact it has on us, and you need to learn to try to avoid as much as possible
    I enforced some strict policies that helped me tackle alot of Drawback charges

    • Detailed Invoices with the customers full name and address and service provided
    • Try to swipe the actual card rather then taking numbers (people tend to dispute much easier when they never met you)
    • Make it clear what you will do and what not DO NOT PUT SOME SMALL PRINT then your client fells cheated instead make your policies clear and big - ‘WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON OPENED PRODUCTS’ will make people think twice.

    And last but not least don’t be afraid to call up a client what went wrong why he disputed the charge before trying to fightback and loosing energy and precious time.

  • @Volvo Retail- mainly or really all are because I received the items back after the return policy deadline and was unable to refund although I did return the items to the customer or gave a store credit. It’s frustrating because I have a policy to stick to so I can run my business but then they go ahead and dispute and it’s a lengthy ordeal.

  • @TechWiz Thanks! I did learn to make the policies clearer the hard way but it’s still an issue. I am also mostly online although clearly a frum business servicing alot of frum clientele.

  • In my opinion there isn’t anything to do about it, it’s part of the new coultre that everyone owns us everything!

  • @DavidG True said! They can’t face the fact that they actually won’t be refunded so they dispute

  • There is another side too, not once do the Jewish stores not give you what you deserve, they think because we are all Jewish I don’t deserve things that he wouldn’t dare do to a Non-jew

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