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    Shutfim is a forum for the Charedi community that was set up with the goal to help and encourage people of all fields to collaborate, discuss and gain knowledge from each other.

    In order to keep this forum clean and informative, we have set forth some rules that by adhering to them, we can all benefit significant initiatives that will contribute to the Heimishe community.

    1. For a username, it is best to use your personal or business name. Besides the integrity it gives to the forum, it will add credibility and appreciation to the user himself. Alternatively, you may choose a nickname as long as it is normal and respectable. Stupid usernames or with offensive content are not allowed.

    2. Each user can edit their profile info and upload a profile and background picture. Use it. It represents you. We also recommend writing a little about yourself and what you do. Make sure only to use images that are respectable and appropriate, do not use pictures of people, or anything that may cause unpleasantness to other users.
      Please note: Being there is users from all over the world it is very important to fill out your location in your profile, to help prevent unforeseen misunderstandings.

    3. Shutfim is for Professional and dignified talk, and we keep it this way. You can discuss whatever you feel like, as long as it respected and debatable within the Charedi community. (The general rule is: anything that would not appear in Charedi publications should not be posted on Shutfim either.)
      Shutfim is not for Torah, political and news discussions and topics, there are many other platforms for that.

    4. Shutfim is not a platform for advertising and promoting businesses. This does not apply to users who may offer their private services within the forum.

    5. Links that yield cashback or any type of affiliate programs are only allowed if explicitly announced. If there is a connection between the writer and his business or affairs, it must be stated in proper disclosure. This rule does not apply in user’s signatures.

    6. In order to maintain Shutfim’s level of professionalism, maintaining proper and respectful discourse and discussions are the basic guidelines of the forum.
      Are you giving reviews to someone’s work? Do it in a respectful manner with the goal of helping and encouraging.
      Thread headlines should be informative and without unnecessary exclamation points etc. …
      It is important to stick to the specific topic of the thread opener and not to deviate to other topics. If you want to discuss something related open a new thread in the appropriate place and you can link the previous thread to it.
      Abusive/furious/silly/insulting posts and ego battles will not be tolerated.

    7. Shutfim is geared for the Heimishe community, so Tznius plays a big factor here.
      Anything that would not appear in Charedi publications should not be posted here either.
      Pictures of immodesty or older girls are not permitted.

    8. Cracked, piracy or any copywright content is not to be posted on the Forum.

    Violating these guidelines will require Shutfim’s management to moderate or delete posts or topics. After several times we will be forced to restrict or suspend user’s access to specific categories or the whole forum.
    We update Shutfim’s guidelines from time to time, so please make sure you are with us.

    If you find any violations to our rules, please report it to the management so we could upkeep the forum’s quality standards.

    Wishing you to make the most out of ‘Shutfim’ and BE"H we will be a real benefit to the Heimishe community.

    The Management

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