• In windows 7 there was an amazing feature called network map you could see the network which was very useful for troubleshooting where an error is (see attached) since windows 8 microsoft decided to remove it Does any one know a way how I can get it in windows 10?

    I have been poking around the internet to find such feature could be I didn’t google the right words…Network_4.png

  • @Chocolate Thanks for your reply but I’m not referring to see all IP addresses that rely on my network
    in fact “advanced ip scanner” does a fantastic job and it’s free, I need a program which I can see physically the whole Map not just the ip and mac addresses.

    Thank you

  • @Btech The Netgear Genie Tool should do it for you. Feel free to try it. (It works also with non netgear equipment…) Press here to download it. LMK how it goes.

  • @Hacker26 Wow thank you we’re nearly getting there
    but any reason why it doesn’t show me the switch? it just shows every pc as if it’s connected right to the router 🤔

  • @Btech Please send me a screenshot. It could be that it recognises the switches as Clients…

  • I checked all ip’s with advanced ip scanner so I know every ip who he is, thinking now I also didn’t see it in advanced ip scanner do you think because it is not a managed switch?

  • @Btech It could very well be… I had that a while ago with some old switches… I couldn’t see them either… This tool most likely bases itself on IP (Layer 3) and not Layer 2. BTW if you need a map view so desperately, why don’t you install a little Win 7 VM? I have one on Hyper V and every so often I use RDP to check on some things which aren’t so gr8 in Windows 10…

  • @Hacker26 I actually do have a VM with a few OS’s the thing is when I’m connecting remotely to a customer that complains of slow LAN connection and I’m trying to figure out how their network there is built and when I logon straight to the router I see 35 connected devices…
    to install a VM win 7 on that client computer I don’t think this is such a great idea…

  • @Btech Yeah… Then only solution would be to remote on to their machine through a Win 7 VM and become part of their LAN… Normally that is only achievable with a VPN… I’ll let you know if I find a better tool… Do you want specifically freeware or paid as well?

  • @Hacker26 This is actually quite good idea which I didn’t think of … to connect to them via vpn, thank you for that BTW which VPN would you recommend?

    Yes please find a better tool for free for sure… I actually found a paid one check it out here
    but it’s still not as the windows 7

    thanks anyway

  • @Btech I use OpenVPN. It’s’ for free and works gr8. But takes some time to setup though. There is somewhere on the forum another post about it where we discussed VPNs

  • I think that trying to troubleshoot network issues though connecting to a VM network in order to get a glimpse of the Network map is far fetched, I would suggest looking up some useful commands that will spare you a lot of wasted time and energy tracert, netstat, nbtstat and so on.

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