Handle two Bluetooth Adapters on Windows 10

  • Hi Everyone

    I’m using a laptop which has a built-in bluetooth card. My headphones and my phone are connected simultaniously which works totally fine.
    For some technical reason (complicated issue with a piece of SW I use that makes use of the BT connection to my phone) I’d like the phone and the headphone to use a separate bluetooth adapters. As far as I researched that isn’t possible from Windows’s side… The OS can only run one BT card at the time. Is there any way out of this limitation? The only thing that I can think ATM of is to use a VM and dedicate one of the BT cards to that VM… (Not sure if that will work at all…)
    Bottom line: Can someone explain me, why we can run two NIC’s on Windows but not two BT cards???!

    Your answers are greatly appreciated!

  • @Hacker26 Have you seen this?

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