• @CK-Design People tend to say that emulators are a virus because of the high CPU and RAM usage. The Andy OS, wasn’t a virus either. It seems that there was a malware with the same name published… But Bluestacks is a solid emulator from a totally legit source. They also have a premium version where you pay some monthly fee and you get some upgrades… I use it and it performs really good, and CPU and RAM are also not that much occupied, especially as I’m running quite heavy applications on my laptop, like SQL Server, HyperV VMs and so on…

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    but doesn’t seem to have good reviews

  • @CK-Design Yeah, but did you actually read the reviews? Most of the people complain about performance issues… That is mostly a hardware problem! How do you expect to run a emulator on a HDD?! I don’t think that it is a virus. In fact I’ve seen quite a few viruses and I would have realised a malware behaviour… In any case, what AV are you using? If there is some crap there mostly they stop it unless you have some really old or bad AV…

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    i am using norton

  • @CK-Design And does it complaint about the installation package?

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    have not tried but nervous to try it

  • GSP

    seems to be ok

  • @CK-Design I’ll suggest you the following (I do that when I want to install applications which I can’t trust, so I can test there behaviour):
    Install a software called deepfreeze. I can send you the installation package which is for a 30 trial.
    This software kind of freezes your computer, so basically when you enable it, at the next reboot no changes will be saved (basically it’s as if writing on ice). If you want to disable it you have to do so in the app settings and reboot again… It works basically like a sandbox. It is really made for like internet cafe’s where you don’t what that people lieve there junk there, so basically everytime when a user logs himself out it all jumps back to the previous state…

  • Bluestacks is a reliable virus-free as all other major software if you install other stuff you can install this too

  • The truth is that no one can guarantee you that Microsoft Word isn’t a virus either, there is no way to be %100 sure that a certain program doesn’t inject some malicious code, you just need to learn to develop and trust your feelings whats right and whats wrong, I personally wouldn’t worry much installing Bluestacks.

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