Sony WF 1000 XM3 Headphones

  • Hi Everyone
    I got recently the Sony WF 1000 XM3 Headphones as a present, and over all they are amazing. However, I’m not using a smartphone, and I connect the headphones via Bluetooth to a kosher phone.
    The headphones have a ambient sound feature which basically takes noise (through certain mics) from around you and creates a noise against it which is basically the noise cancelling feature. The only problem is that if you use the headphones without the associated app, if you start a phone call the mics which dedicated for the mentioned above purpose take your own voice and you kind of hear yourself twice. Sony describes it like that:
    “Your voice is heard from the headset through the headset’s microphone (Sidetone function). In this case, ambient sounds or the sounds of the headset operation may be heard through the headset, but this is not a malfunction.”

    On a smartphone you can amend that with the app, however on a regular kosher phone. You can’t do that…

    Now, two questions for you:

    1. Does anyone know how to fix something like that (really something like a hack for this)?
    2. The equivalent to those sony headphones are the jabra elite 85h. Does anyone know of the same or a similar issue with the jabra headphones?

    Your answers are greatly appreciated!

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