Chinese MP4 Player Firmware Flashing Options

  • Hi Everyone

    Hope you’re all well!!
    Someone asked me to “kasher” a MP4 Player which he bought from China. He would like to block the option of watching Videos.
    However it’s some really random company called HBNKH and their website is also really weird…
    I didn’t manage to get to the firmware chip nor to some sort of system directory, in order to modify anything there.
    Is there any generic tool or that can flash the firmware of such a device? Attached is a picture of the device.


    Your answers are greatly appreciated!!

  • @Hacker26 Very slim chances
    It can be done in 2 ways

    1. finding a Kosherized firmware and flash it (most of the Chinese MP3 players you can find the same model under different companies and model’s.
    2. Trying to decompile the Firmware and editing it, which is also very hard

  • @Chocolate But how do you get the firmware? I mean the compiled version?

  • That’s why I said that there is slim chances to succeed, You first need to try and see if it’s the same model of any that there are Kosher versions around (for example from Samvix) and then see if it’s possible somehow to find the Kosher firmware (which most of the times, people don’t release them).

  • There are programs that can do that but good luck finding one.

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