Problem setting CID in FreePBX

  • I set up my first PBX system with FreePBX (IncrediblePBX), my SIP Trunk is a US number I am trying to make an extension that the CID on outbound calls will be an Israeli number, when I put any US number in the CID field it woks, but when I put an Israeli number, I get an error “all circuits are busy now please try again later”
    Does anyone know ow I can fix this? does it have anything to do with the Outbound dial pattern ?

  • Just to update, The SIP provider was blocking me from changing the CID to something that doesn’t look like a local number.

  • Most of the big SIP providers have some kind of restrictions in place. see als they hope to finish CID spoofing very soon, in my humble opinion it won’t be happening so fast.

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