• I want to start learning Linux OS, I already installed some Virtual Machines on my computer, now where do I start?
    what flavor is the easiest to start with? can anyone recommend a specific site/guide to start with (there are so many out there I don’t know what to look at first), is learning shell scripting important in order to start? any help would greatly be appreciated

  • I thing the best starters guide is https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/command-line-for-beginners
    after that you can move on to scripting
    I don’t think there is a big difference on what OS you will learn, although something with a GUI might be easier at the beginning

  • The question is what are you aiming at? do you want to learn just enough to use it as a server? or do you want to use it on a daily basis?
    Overall you should first learn the simple commands starting from pwd, cd, ls, cp, mv etc. then you can advance to understand the file structure, users and permissions, piping, bash scripts,processes and basically that’s all to learn, the real learning comes from experience trying to figure out all different scripts and combinations.

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