What's the most important part of your business?

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    Many people get this wrong, but those that understand it and adjust their systems accordingly usually experience a far greater success – regardless of what their products/services on offer are.

    So, what is the most important part of your business?

    Your customers. Without them, you’re out of business.

    Your Customers Are Important!
    There are two main takeaways from this:

    Customer Service
    Your customer service has to be amazing. Show them how important they are to you, how much you care that they should be happy with your service, and that you’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

    Wouldn’t you prefer to stick with a brand that treats you like royalty, over one that treats you like dirt? We’ve all been inside a shop where the attendant groaned when we walked in, tried to pretend they didn’t hear when you asked for help, and rolled their eyes are every question. Most of us would walk right out.

    Ask your Customers
    It’s up to you to find out what your customers are thinking. Are they delighted with your service, or do they wish you had a home delivery option? Is there another feature they wished you offer? Do they appreciate those extra touches that you spend so long on, or would they prefer the product without it?

    After all, if you want to be providing your customers with the best possible service, you have to find out what they truly want. It’s incredible how many people assume their customers value one thing, when really it’s something else that they’d really like.

    If you don’t ask, you won’t find out.

    What are you doing to create the best customer experience possible? Is this an area you’ve worked on, or are you struggling to find ways to improve? Share your thoughts, insights and questions!

  • SO true! And I love the idea of ASKING your customers. I always wish I could give my 2 cents about services I use(like the pizza store who changed a favorite recipe, and the grocery delivery service who wouldn’t call if something was missing, and I’d be waiting in my house NEEDING that item ASAP, only to find it not in the order…) -
    oftentimes we don’t have the guts to go over and say something, but if businesses provided a guilt free, anonymous platform to answer questions, I think people are more likely to speak up about what the businesses could be doing better. (like I did with the grocery service - they started calling me every time, and I’m a lot happier now =] )
    Businesses could set up an online survey to send to their customers, and maybe offer an incentive to fill it out, so they can get real honest opinions of where to change.

  • I must admit you got me thinking, Would like to hear how can someone like me who basically does graphics for people, what’s there to give a customer that feel that I am here for him or how can I put his interests in front of me, and show him I understand him, when all I am doing is some designing, I am not offering any advice that I can be more polite or return calls etc. the customer will anyways only judge me by the end result-the ad he gets.

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    Great question 🙂

    I must say though, I don’t agree with your statement that: “the customer will anyways only judge me by the end result-the ad he gets”

    I’m pretty sure your client will care about deadlines, especially if they have to submit their ad by a certain time. If you are super strict about deadlines and leave plenty of time for any revisions, clients will appreciate that and return to you over someone else who takes their time.

    When it comes to customer experience (CX for short), it’s not just about how you deliver the final product or service. It’s about the entire process, from start to finish.

    Go through your whole graphic creation process from the point of view of the client and identify any potential pain points, or ways to improve. Could you eliminate a lot of the back-and-forth with a customised questionnaire, for instance?

    Show your client that you care about their bigger picture. They don’t just want an ad, they want to raise awareness of their brand and bring in sales. Take the time to get to know their business, explaining that you want their graphic to be an ‘ambassador’ for their company, reflecting its values and uniqueness. This alone will bring you return business from clients who prefer to work with someone who already has an understanding of their business and ‘gets’ them.

    (I should mention here the importance of taking notes on all your clients, and checking them again whenever they come back for further work. This way you won’t forget any important preferences or other details and they want you to remember.)

    These are just a few starting points for you to consider. Remember, if you find yourself saying, “but nobody else in my field does this”, that makes it the perfect opportunity for you to be setting yourself apart.


  • 100% Thanks

  • @marketingmaniac Very true, and been doing it for years by now I keep on asking my clients what would you like to see/have as a service, a lot of the things I offer are originally my customers ideas.

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