• Does anyone know of a automated phone platform that is used for instance by banks that look up your information based on your PIN number and can give interactive information?

  • @pedaum Could you further elaborate your needs?
    Are you looking to connect to an existing system? Do you want someone to build you something from scratch? Do you have an API, DB you want to integrate? Are you looking for self hosted, a company? etc.
    Everything is possible the question is just where your’e heading.

  • @TechWiz Good Questions
    I can go either way as I am a programmer. If it is reasonable to have it built I would like to go that route.
    if there is an API that I can build this myself then yes I would like to look into that as well.
    This is for a tzedaka so I would need to be as economical as I can.

  • what do you need that should be there? Provide a basic rundown

  • I would like to have a caller call in and be able to add a recorded voice record and then the computer will spit back a certain recorded voice record based on specific criteria chosen by the user.

    So there would be an entry menu where the user would choose a topic and then it would prompt them to add a specific voice record, this voice record and relevant metadata such as the number they are calling from which would serve as their ID for the call, would be stored in the database, then it would be able to spit back out a specific voice record based on retrieving data from a database.

  • Management

    I think @ShowF does those things.

  • I can do it if you want

  • @pedaum
    The cheapest (and sometimes the best, as you can customize it exactly to your needs) is self hosting, you program it once and you only pay for the SIP line (I would highly recommend @ShowF he has alot of experience in IVR system’s, one of the things I know he built is the Email to Phone, try it it’s worth it -1-718-564-64-59).

    The other option is using one of the famous companies like Twilio etc. that you use their API to build something, Or you have the companies that provide you with a ready solution and the price is accordingly.

  • @ShowF What do you use, Asterisk?

  • @TechWiz said in Automated phone system:

    @ShowF What do you use, Asterisk?


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