• I’ve been doing some research to buy a full sized stroller, at this point I’ve reached the conclusion that  the best quality that fits my needs is between the Bugaboo Fox and Cybex Priam

    Now my question is which of the two do i go with. The Bugaboo feels slightly easier to push and it is 7 pounds lighter. The Cybex is much easier to fold (one hand) and re-open; it also folds better with the seat installed.

    Here is a video that compares them:

    (The video is actually comparing the Priam to the Chameleon but i think they are very similar)

    Here is another video (see how the Fox folds [8:37]… seems hard to me)

    Any opinions would be appreciated, Thanks!

  • GSP

    interesting ur asking, im in the same boat these days- since i cant decide what knew carriage to get… im looking for more portability though, but i can tell you this much that ive got the bugaboo cameleon (in ur case u wld probably get the fox) and im actually thrilled with it… have no complaints whatsoever!!! durable, light weight, easy to handle and to assemble, beautiful color options, and in style. what can be better… though from the videos uve posted, it does look like there are other great options too… havent seen the mixx2 and the priam around much which tells you that the bugaboo is tried and tested…
    back to my dilemma, im contemplating over the doona carriage, if it has a use for us… im hearing great feedback, and since were frequent travelers…
    any opinion about that one?
    happy decision making!!!

  • @S-weiss Thanx!

    In comparing to the Chameleon there are a few cons: the Chameleon has a weaker central mechanism and has smaller front wheels. It also cannot fold with the seat.
    See also

    My question is with the Fox where they have improved the central mechanism and made the wheels larger, the only downside is the fold. So my question is what is more important:

    • The slightly lighter and easier push
    • The better fold (while still lighter and better push than the chameleon)
  • GSP

    in ur case the deciding factor would be if ull use the carriage for traveling or not… no?

  • @S-weiss said in Stroller: Which one:

    in ur case the deciding factor would be if ull use the carriage for traveling or not… no?

    In any case if i do travel a lot then i would get something more compact for that.

  • GSP

    a hard one…

  • We just bought the Bugaboo without much thought simply because thats what everyone gets. Intresting Iv’e never seen the Cybex around.

  • No suggestions?

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