• I have a flight to E"Y with a stopover in Munich, Germany for a day, does anyone have a site where I can find cheap car rentals there?

  • https://www.autoeurope.com.au/

    as you see a directed you the Australia site from auto europe and not the us site as they have much better prices (the same car can be a difference of 20$ a day between the “us” and the “au” site!

    (just watch out and do not rent from europcar in munic airport as the wait over there is very long, i waited over there more then 2 hours!)

  • WOW how does this work?
    never mind it took me a few minutes to understand why you recommended them they are a few dollars more expensive the skysanner and rentalcars till i saw it’s Australian dollars and not USD. 😀
    they really are cheaper they are giving me a manual car for 47USD Vs. renalcars for 71 and skyscanner for 68.
    Thanks alot.

  • i got there once a nice big BMW X3 for $25 a day! (36 aud)

  • Have a friend who does cheap car and luxury car rentals across Europe globalcarrental9@gmail.com.
    Highly recommend.

  • Does someone understand how this could work, how can it be that the same company in Australia gives you prices 20% cheaper?

  • I don’t think you can use your CC insurance, so you’ll have to pay for their insurance with a big Self-participation fee. I would rather pay another $10 and be calm that if anything happenes my Chase card will cover it.

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