need help getting rid of the glue

  • GSP

    i had this tray in my china closet that i never enjoyed using because the rhinestones were getting stuck in everything and with time it was slowly starting to peel off. the other day i just ripped the whole strip of stones off the glass tray since it was getting me nervous. now what, stayed left with a stunning tray and tough glue all around… tried everything (goo gone, sticky stuff remover etc) but the glue remains… how can i salvage this expensive piece and get rid of the glue so it can enhance my table once again. anyone?
    i am attaching a pic so you get a better idea…

  • GSP

    got it!! the tray is immaculate!! good old fashioned heat with steel wool did the trick… i used the heat from my hot water urn when it bubbled up and then scraped the glue off with steel wool while it was hot… great trick to know about…

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