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  • RE: Jewish publications worldwide

    @manual I can help you with most as I do quite a lot of advertising, the hard question will be where to place as you’ll have so many options, if you need help reach out to me, I’ll see if I can help you with placement and pricing.

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      There are a lot more and I never did other areas so lets hope others will chime in too.

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  • RE: Emails sent from my Domain going to Spam

    @hacker26 said in Emails sent from my Domain going to Spam:

    Hi Everyone

    A very common question asked by business owners which send out emails from their business email is that their emails land often in the recipients spam folder.
    There are multiple reasons which are possible for this issue.
    I would love to hear how people solve this issue…

    Your answers are greatly appreciated!!

    Don’t send spam!!!

    They end up there because people report them as spam
    don’t send to anyone who hasn’t signed up for your emails.

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